For interested companies
  1. It has no economic cost to the company.
  2. Planned dates of start and end of the placement period must be between March and June, with a total of 3 moths.
  3. This course it's possible to do the internship in july or september.
  4. The company must appoint an employed as mentor to supervise the student's work.
  5. The company should know the general profile of our students. The Diploma Supplement describes the knowledge and skills acquired by holders of higher education degrees. These are the descriptions of the studies we offer:
    Higher Technician in: Technician in:
  6. Students must send their CV to companies in the Europass format. The Curriculum Vitae helps to present skills and qualifications effectively and clearly. Examples and instructions
    • CV Europass (with photography and in English).
      We encourage our students to attach the Diploma Supplement to their CVs (as an annex)
  7. The student must pass an interview (via Skype, Hangout, etc.) with the company prior to the start of the internship. This interview should be similar to a job interview so that the company can confirm the skills and knowledge of the student. Tasks to be performed during practice must be detailed in the interview.
  8. Finally, the student’s educational team must give its approval before joining the Training Agreement.
If all goes well, the necessary paperwork involving the company is
  1. The company has to give its consent to be enrolled in the project through a document that proves it (and that will be provided after approval by the OAPEE).
    We will need to apply for registration:
    • Full name and address of the host partner
    • Contact person and email
    • Website of the company
  2. Before the training period
    1. Letter of commitment ( Word / pdf ): indicates that the company accepts the student into the internship, with a brief description of the tasks.
      The document must be signed and stamped by the company.
    2. Learning Agreement ( Word / pdf ): a longer document detailing student, school and company data. It includes the dates of the internship, the tasks to be performed, etc.
      The document must be signed by the student, the company and school.
  3. Last day of internship
    1. TRAINEESHIP CERTIFICATE: last section of Learning Agreement.
      The document must be signed by the company.
    2. Company supervisor assessment report
      The document must be signed by the company.
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